Cost-effective, sustainable and fail-safe, Ecoglo’s range of Emergency Exit Signs are manufactured and tested to comply with F8/AS1. They are also designed to be used in engineered solutions to meet building codes in Australia, New Zealand and any performance based jurisdiction around the world.

Hybrid PL Exit Signs
Ecoglo Hybrid PL Exit Signs are effective in all lighting scenarios, but are particularly suitable in situations where there is insufficient light to charge passive photoluminescent (PL) signs.
Requiring no batteries, the hybrid sign is an internally illuminated PL exit sign which incorporates both photoluminescent material and next-generation LEDs. Connecting to the local lighting circuit, the LEDs ensure there is always sufficient light to keep the sign charged.

Passive PL Exit Signs
Ecoglo’s high visibility and durability ensure that the signs can be installed in any environment, indoors or outdoors. As long as there is sufficient natural or artificial light to charge the signs then a system can be engineered to meet building code performance specifications.
Signs using “EXIT” and ISO graphics are available.Custom graphics can also be supplied to meet regional code variations – contact us for more information.

BR2 Architectural Series
Architectural Exit Signs – BR2-S20

Ecoglo BR2-S20 exit signs offer all the features of passive exit signs but are finished in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design to complement any interior space.

Red List Free Exit Signs – BR2-LBC
Ecoglo BR2-LBC exit signs are the same in appearance as BR2-S20 signs and offer all the same benefits. The BR2-LBC signs, however, differ in that they have no ‘Red List’ ingredients and so are Living Building Challenge (LBC) compliant.
Ecoglo BR2-LBC exit signs are currently the only exit signs on the Declare database – see link below: